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Marriage Policy at St. John’s

Catholic weddings take place in the parish church of the bride or groom. We are happy to meet couples when at least one of the parties is a registered member of the parish and attends Sunday Mass on a regular basis.  Weddings are celebrated without the Eucharist (outside the Mass) at St. Johns.


Booking Dates for Weddings

A couple must contact the office at least one year in advance of the proposed date of marriage. This is a policy of the Archdiocese to ensure adequate time for marriage preparation. In the case of ANY PREVIOUS MARRIAGE, no date may be set unless freedom to marry can be documented.


Time for Weddings

Weddings are usually celebrated on Saturdays at 11:30 AM, 1:00 PM or 2:30 PM. Weekday weddings are permitted according to the availability of the church. Sunday weddings are NOT permitted. No weddings are permitted during Holy Week.


Marriage Preparation Course

A couple cannot be married in the Archdiocese of Toronto without first attending a Marriage Preparation Course. You may attend an Engaged Encounter Weekend at a retreat centre. Weekend Encounters are held at the Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre in Mississauga at 905-278-5229, or contact Catholic Family Services at 416-921-1163 for locations of other courses. Engaged Encounter Weekends are very popular and must be booked months in advance.


Documents Required

a) Every Catholic being married must present a current certificate of Baptism, issued not more than six months before the marriage date. (the certificate cannot be the original certificate).

b) Non-Catholic parties who have been baptized should provide a record of Baptism (a photocopy is permissible for the non-Catholic party).

c) All couples must obtain a marriage license at City Hall and bring it to the office at scheduled 2nd Prenuptial meeting.



The Presider at the Marriage Ceremony

Usually, the priest who begins preparation with the couple will be the presider at the marriage. However, it may be necessary for another priest to take over after preparation has already begun. Please understand if a change should occur.

Interfaith Marriages

In accordance with Diocesan policy, marriage between a Catholic and non-Catholic or an unbaptized person can be celebrated in the Church. The non-Catholic party is NOT required to become a Catholic in order to be married in the Church.  


Readers (Lectors)

Readings from Scripture may be proclaimed by friends or family members chosen by the couple. Readers should be well prepared and attend the wedding rehearsal.



Music has an important place in the celebration of marriage. Since a wedding is a worship service, music should be sacred no sacular nor recordings are permitted. The couple may meet with the parish organist, Eric Walker, 416-698-4344.  Please contact him at least 3 months prior to the wedding date.


Altar Servers

Altar servers will be provided by the parish.  



Make your own arrangements with your florist. Flowers are the sole responsibility of the couple.  Please make arrangements with the parish administrator for time of delivery. 


The official photographer and videographer should speak to the Presider at least 10 minutes before the wedding begins to get specific guidelines with regard to this sacred space. However please note there is to be no walking around during the vows and at no time should the priest's view be blocked.



Rehearsals should be booked when speaking to the administrator.  They are conducted the week of the wedding on Thursdays between 4:30 pm and 6 pm. 


The address of the church is 794 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON, M4E 1R7.


Signing the Register

At St. John’s, the Register is signed in the sacristy.


Wedding Coordinators

It is your prerogative to use a wedding coordinator to plan your wedding; however, he or she will have no part in planning or directing the rehearsal or church service.



Parking is available to the north of the church. It is accessed off Kingston Road, through the driveway between the church and St. John School. 


Carpets/Runners, Confetti, Candelabra, and Arches

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like confetti, rice, flower petals, bird seed, bubbles, balloons etc. is allowed to be thrown either inside or outside of the church.  Carpets/rugs, runners are not allowed inside or outside the church.  Candelabra and Arches are also NOT permitted.  Pew bows should be tied with ribbon or cloth, NOT stapled, pinned or taped to the pews and there should be no taping of any signage anywhere in our outside the church.


Unity Candles

Unity candles do not have a place in the liturgy. It is suggested that they be reserved for the Wedding Reception.



The following offerings should be presented to the office, in separate envelopes, clearly addressed:

St. Johns Church......... ……   $575.00 

Altar Server …………………..$ 25.00      

(Monetary gift for the priest is separate)

The organist and other musicians are paid according to your arrangements with them. The church offering is used entirely for the maintenance and upkeep of St. John’s Church.


Please email the office and speak to the Office Administrator to begin the process