Burst water pipe

Water Pipe Repair

Posted : Jul-28-2022

Water pipe repair

   After over 110 years of service, the water pipe to the church and rectory broke.  The old pipes were so eroded that replacement was necessary.  The replacement was a complex operation, running from the city supply to both the rectory and the church, navigating through the garden in front, and around the underground power line and current natural gas pipes at the rectory (and the former gas pipes, which are still down there), amid thick tree roots, and in through the thick stone walls of both the church and the rectory.   The pipes were expertly replaced underground and reconnected in the church by two amazing teams from Plumb It Right and Plumbing Protection Plan of Canada.  St. John's Church is very gratefuly to Rodney Hill of Plumb It Right and Frank Marchese and his team from Plumbing Protection Plan of Canada for their prompt and expert analysis of the problems and solutions, keeping us informed and answering all questions, and for the care they showed that water service continued to the church throughout the process, with the minimum disruption of water supply to both the church and the rectory.

Thank you, Rodney, Frank, for your personal involvement in the project and your amazing team!

--Fr. John-Mark Missio, pastor

(Rodney Hill can be contacted at https://plumbitright.ca/, and Frank Marchese at http://www.plumbingprotectionplanofcanadainc.ca/index.html)